The new Fizik Transiro TRI shoe was put through the test

We have been fortunate to test all 3 of their last models released and each time – they improve on an already superior product


These shoes are ultra comfy – the long rides without socks can do major damage to feet – these shoes tick the box in terms of comfort – no scratchiness – no excess water retention – nice and cool for hot summer ride days – they are light shoes as well – they are about as comfortable as triathlon cycle shoes can be.

We tested them with socks and without and both equally as comfortable.


This for (elite) triathletes is the most important facet when looking to buy TRI specific cycle shoes – “how fast can I get them onto my feet and how easy are they to tighten up at the start of a ride and how easy to loosen at the end of the ride.

The reversible velcro strap is a major upgrade from the 2 previous models.

The “dial” worked but was not that simple to tighten up and release once cycling at speed. The next model up’s strap was effective but with excess force – the strap would often come “out” of the holding area.

The latest model see’s a large velcro singular strap across the bridge of the shoe (no ways it is coming un-done – easy to open up and close once the foot is inside and it opens away from the chain-ring (nothing getting stuck near the drive shaft of the bike

The latest Transiro TRI shoes heel tab strap (see comparison between the 3 models we have tested is also a vast improvement on the 2 models before this one – easy to grab hold of and guide the foot into place – equally as easy to guide the foot out

For those elite triathletes that focus on ultra-fast transitions times between swim and bike – bike and run – this shoe ticks all the boxes.

As age group triathletes – these shoes will also serve your purpose very well. We have been hooked on Fizik for over 4 years now and will continue to ride their shoes when we train and compete